Politically Incorrect Comedy Guests. New Age Nuttiness. Heil Multiculturalism. No news on the news: everything is politically incorrect!!!The solution is clear. Ignore reality.
comedy for the same with an eye on reality

Politically Incorrect Comedy Guests.
New Age Nuttiness.
Heil Multiculturalism.
No news on the news:

everything is potentially offensive!
The solution is clear. Ignore reality.

8 Characters in Search of Appearances

The Nicies - Politically Correct Meditators

The Nicies
are very very very nice
and very very politically correct.
They think MORE censorship of the news
would be a very very good thing.

It is so upsetting, some of the things
people are forced to see.

One might become Islamophobic.

They know it matters, how you look at reality.
They release all tension and
align their chakras.

Isadora O'Hara - politically correct newscaster

Isadora O'Hara from Y.A.N.S.
(yet another news station)
is more harried day by day.
It isn't easy, these days,
finding politically correct news stories.

Professor Wiggins - political correctness vs human rights

Professor Emeritus Joan Wiggins
uses logic, and using logic
makes things perfectly clear.
Don't be a dumb dumb, she avers.
It's perfectly clear the difference
between the politically correct
and human rights people.
Human rights people care about human rights.
Thy care about people.
Politically correct people don't.
They care about culture.
Now that is easy to understand,
isn't it.
Any further questions?

Joan Wiggine - anti sharia, anti Islamization

Professor Emeritus Joan Wiggins
wants to make one thing perfectly clear.
Sharia is not swell.
And no, no, no she does not want something
that is not swell.

Lulabelle Beauchamp - love mentor

Lulabelle Beauchamp
is all for woman having careers,
if that's what a woman wants.
But if that's what a woman wants,
she has a question:
then what are men for?

New Age Spirituality Goddess

The New Age High Priestess
explains the workings of the universe.
Universal law # 1:
you are where you are meant to be.
Universal law # 2:
you have chosen everything
from your parents on.
Universal law #3:
everything happens for a reason.
And what is that reason?
Very obviously, it is because
you have chosen it.
And why have you chosen it?
So you can be where you are meant to be.

Helga und Hermatrude - politically correct multicultural diversity proponnts

Helga und Hermatrude
know all cultures are equal,
especially when one is a member
of an identifiable group.
Israel, they know, is evil.
It is an apartheid state.
Israel hate-speeches Nazis!
We must be culturally tolerant.
They have applied for funding
as members of an oppressed group.
Their feelings are terribly hurt
by all the horrible things
people say about Nazis.
Terribly offensive and
politically incorrect.
It is hate speech and
must be stopped.

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8 characters in search of appearances!
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Politically incorrect comedy guests.
The Nicies: stay positive, ignore reality.
The Nazi multiculturalists:
stop hate-speeching Nazis. Offensive!
Comedy for the Sane and Semi-Sane.

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