Tapping into Power. Energy Psychology meets political correctness and Islamic beliefs. Out: reality denial. In: personal empowerment, facing truth, speaking truth.
Tapping into Power - Facing Fears, Lessening Fear. Facing Rage, Lessening Anger. Seeing What Is. Speaking Out. Personal Empowerment.

Energy Psychology Comes to the Counter-Jihad World

Tapping: tapping on a number of acupressure points to undo inner emotional blocks, inner stuck points. The counter-jihad world: masses of strategies to undo blocks in the West against recognizing the dangers of Islam, against the Islamization of the West, for the protection of Western freedoms.

My experience.
In the world of tapping, Islam is non-existent. And in the countr-jihad world, tapping is likewise non-eistent.

Why bother bringing tapping to the counter-jihad world?
Over and over I hear, from people concerned about the threat of Islam, that Europe is a lost cause and the United States is basically lost as well. That's dangerous stuff. If you believe that the game is over, you're much less likely to win. I'm not saying that denial or pie in the sky optimism are useful. But a rockbed of optimism gives strength, especially on bad days.

Another reason for turning to tapping. In my experience, many counter-jihadis (myself included) are - at least sometimes - over scared, or over angry, or blind to opportunities. Maybe we freeze instead of responding. Maybe we just can't believe that what we hear about Islam could actually be real. Maybe we're numb. In other words, often we're not as effective as possible.

The main goal of Tapping into Power:
increasing our effectiveness by
increasing our access to our own personal power
to increase the power of the counter-jihad

Click here for 2 videos on tapping
tapping into power

It's for everyone who feels that some inner change might be helpful, especially when it comes to dealing with Islam. A special focus is inner change that makes reaching people easier.

How to get inner change?

The method that's currently best known is some form of talk therapy.

Why turn to tapping? An increasing number of therapists use tapping to speed things up, to achieve in weeks what generally takes months, and to succeed when no amount of talk helps.

I bumped into information about tapping a few years ago, tried tapping, and found it very effective.

I'm a great believer in recognizing what is out in the world – like the dangers posed by Islam.

Why do so many people not see these dangers? One can point to mainstream politicians, the mainstream media, plus powerful Islamic groups ever ready to insist Islam is a religion of peace (and watch out if you dare suggest otherwise!!).

There are also inner barriers – which are ever harder to maintain in the face of the increasing evidence and increasing level of danger, but are still powerful. For instance, a Pew research survey conducted last spring found that the majority of people in France, Britain and Germany continued to have favorable views of Muslims.

We can't force people to try tapping in order to undo inner blocks against seeing what is in front of them.

But maybe tapping is yet another strategy that can help us in our quest to reach the people we haven't managed to reach.

I will be creating a full teleseminar series, which will look at both tapping and also the chakras. Why bring in the chakras? Each chakra is linked to a different aspect of ourselves, such as the drive to survive, the drive to express ourselves, the capacity to recognize what is outside us, and so on. We may be blocked in some areas, while open in others.

The process: we'll go, week by week, chakra by chakra, using tapping to try to have the chakras as open as possible. The start will be the root chakra, which is about survival issues - crucial when it comes to Islam, as it threatens the survival of the West. How do we deal with such threats? The 3 most common responses: flight, fight and freeze.

To say more – I don't see that as helpful.

Instead I'm inviting you all to a taste of tapping, through 2 videos. You will get an introduction to tapping and the chakras, plus a tapping routine, where you'll be able to see tapping in action, and even to try it yourself.

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for the 2 videos.

tapping into power

What qualifications do I have?

A PhD area is Psychology. But this isn't psychology.

The biggest qualification is being a lifelong learner, ever curious and ready to stretch. Personal growth, personal development – call it what you will – has been a major interest. For years I taught a course on Knowing the Inner Self, where students were introduced to a whole range of tools for gaining more self knowledge.

The second major qualification is being a lifelong teacher, for a long time as a college prof. But the urge to teach goes way further back. When I was in grade 3 and my kid sister was in kindergarten, I taught her about fractions as I was learning about them – and got her to understand! She was soon doing fractions at Grade 3 level! (One half and one quarter equals what?)

Being a lifelong learner and teacher – with Islam, that's crucial. For most of us, the threat from Islam seemed to come out of the blue. I certainly had to learn about it. And soon I wanted to reach others – as is the case for most of us.

With tapping, I've likewise learned, and now would like to pass on what I've learned.


What if you want to learn more about tapping? Here's my favorite resource:

The Tapping Solution

You'll find loads of information - including how to tap, how to release stress, etc.

(By the way, the link above is what is known as an affiliate link - meaning that if you should end up buying from them, I will earn something. Why am I an affiliate? I've learned a lot from them, and have bought stuff from them. Good stuff.)

tapping into power

If the tapping solution is so good, why am I bothering to put together this workshop? As I said near the start, I don't see anyone else connecting the 2 worlds - the counter-jihad world, and the energy psychology world.

In the counter-jihad world, tapping and other energy techniques generally seem non-existent.

The tapping world / energy psychology world, on the other hand, is all about releasing inner blocks, opening to one's full energy, to universal energy, and so on. But where is Islam? From my extensive experience, it's nowhere.

My guess is that, as long as the world of tapping and other energy techniques stays blind to Islam, Islam will let this world continue unchallenged - for the moment. Islam will continue to focus on growing, in the West, in number of adherents through mass immigration, and in power through Islamization. It will deal with the New Age world, all inner-focused, later on.

I see a further weakness in the tapping world. I've found it very close to the New Age world – many aspects of which make me shudder. Millions of people within the New Age movement believe you have created everything you experience, that you have even chosen your parents. You, in effect, are the universe. At the very least, you're responsible for everything that happens to you, and often for everything that happens outside you. If you were different, you would attract a different world. No Holocaust. No Islam. No political correctness.

For a very New Age person, doing tapping should change not just the person, but the universe. Release enough inner blocks . . . and abracadabra!!! presto!!! heaven on earth.

My response to this world is to do a send-up.

The new Age High Priestess
You are where you are meant to me.
No matter what!!

But I don't want to throw out the baby (tapping, for instance) with the New Age bath water.

Politically correct people, by the way, tend to be on the other end of the spectrum. They divide the world into utter victims (nothing is the fault of those considered oppressed) and victimizers (those labeled victimizers are blamed for everything).

There are many people who, as individuals, whatever group they're in, experience themselves as powerless victims.

If one is a victim or victimizer, why bother tapping? Oppressors will always be oppressors and victims will always be victims.

tapping into power

My position. There is a reality out there. Bad things exists. And wonderful things exists.

There's also more than one way of responding to whatever is out there.

Pamela Geller, with 9/11, almost immediately launched AtlasShrugs, and hasn't stopped. A few other people also had an immediate strong recognition of the danger posed by Islam and a commitment to exposing the danger and doing what they could to stop it.

Most people did much less.

I know that, when I came to recognize something wrong was going on with Islam – in my case, with the huge outcry over the Danish cartoons – I had to deal, over and over, with my fear of Muslim violence, and also with the fear of other people who were afraid for me.

In part, the high level of fear had to do with not knowing much about the actual danger level. I knew of the fatwas against Salman Rushdie and the murder of a Dutch filmmaker. That was it.

I was also bumping into inner fears. Fear of anger from students if I brought up my thoughts.

I slowly dealt with the fears, and learned more information and more strategies.

tapping into power

The goal here: a much quicker movement through fears and toward a greater sense of empowerment.

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Tapping into Power

tapping into power

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Tapping into Power. Facing Fears, Lessening Fear.
Facing Rage, Lessening Anger. Seeing What Is.
Speaking Out. Personal Empowerment.

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