Save Europe, Save the West. Prayer Chain around Germany by a revival of Christianity. Save Human Rights, Freedom of Thought, Speech, Religion.
Save Europe, Save the West



Save Europe, Save the West, Save the World.
Prayer Chain around Germany.
For a revival of Christianity.
Save Human Rights. Save Freedom of Thought, Speech, Religion.

OCT 3 & 4 - around the border of Germany

Heidi Mund

Heidi's vision
a human prayer chain around Germany
to save Germany, wake up Germany,
revive a strong Christianity,
to save Europe and the West, to save the world.
to save human rights and freedoms.


The events that are happening are just about overwhelming in their scale. For years I've done interviews, written articles, sent out updates, even tried to increase awareness through music. Maybe because the scale of things keeps increasing from something that looks manageable to something larger than a tsunami, recently I was drawn to something different. Heidi's event was the spark.

Save Germany, Europe, the West, the World
Save Europe - human prayer chain

Heidi Mund


God has given me this vision twice in the past year.

One Lord One Voice Many Hands

We stand hand in hand praying for our Land on October 3rd and 4th 2015.

Imagine a human prayer chain along the border of Germany, thousands of people praying in one voice for a breakthrough revival in Germany and Europe! We want to see our Land saved for Christ.

Like Nehemiah when he rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem, we are rebuilding a spiritual wall of faith around our Land and Europe. We want you to be part of this historic event.

We encourage our neighbors to join us.

We need every hand!

We need as many believers as possible to join us from all over the world on the 3rd and 4th of October. Whoever could come and pray with us on the border of Germany, please come!!!

We pray for protection and revival. The whole world will be blessed through what we do.


Yesterday I heard how the moslems react to our love and hospitality in the refugee homes:

They throw away our food, throw away also also the little plush puppies, people have given them as a welcome gift.

There was a hostage taking (Geiselnahme) in an refugee home close to Frankfurt, also a rape of Christians in another home in Karlsruhe. And you have probably heard what happened in Suhl, when 100 moslems ran through the East German City, Suhl, destroying cars, attacking policemen and natives with knives.

People don’t dare to speak about it. They are so afraid.

Last weekend 34,000 people came to Munich. In 10 days …  340.000 ...

There are no controls anymore, also no health checks.

People arrive in the asylum homes with epidemics, diseases that we did not have for lots of years.

Politicians have said some days ago, that they want to train the so-called refugees as policemen, so that the police can understand the refugees, because they speak the same language: Arabic.

Our police are the only human force we still have to protect us. Many moslems disappear out of the asylum homes. I believe they are from IS, that they will come together as the unseen army to kill us and take over the land.

Germany is in a great danger. I cry and weep for my people, for my land.

Please !!!! stand with me and us. I and we need you NOW.

Please start gathering believers for praying and fasting for Germany and all the other European countries.

But I believe it is Germany that they want to take now.

And we need every believer who can come to Germany to stand with us on the 3rd and 4th of October.

In Germany it will be:
Saturday, Oct 3 - 15.00-18.00 (3 hours) - European time
Sunday, Oct 4 - 15.00-19.00 (4 hours) - European time

Heidi Mund,
Sept 2015

More from Heidi,
and more about taking part in Save Europe:

Who is Heidi? She suddenly shot to prominence, when she shouted out, in a German church, as an imam was intoning the Islamic call to prayer: "Jesus alone is lord here." He was welcome in the church. She was thrown out.

More on Heidi here:

Heidi Mund - praying to Save Europe

Heidi's vision was the spark
for another related effort

Save Europe, Save the World

Save Europe, Save the West, Save the World.
From Islam. Prayer Chain around Germany.
For a revival of Christianity.
So the West wakes up to the danger from Islam,
defends itself from destruction.


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Save Europe, Save the West, Save the World.
From Islam. Prayer Chain around Germany.
For a revival of Christianity.
So the West wakes up to the danger from Islam,
defends itself from destruction.

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