Brain Wreck. The wreckage inside the politically correct head. Political correctness: logical fallacies, no critical thinking, denial, name-calling of those who disagree.
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Brain Wreck. The wreckage inside the politically correct head.
Political correctness: logical fallacies, no critical thinking,
denial, name-calling of those who disagree.

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Brain Wreck - inside the politically correct brain - no critical thinking, no logic


I've been doing a lot of thinking about Brain Wreck - the wrecking of people's brains in the West. It goes with something I've thought and written a lot about - Think or Sink: We Think or the West Sinks.

How to deal with wrecked brains - like the brains of the politically correct? like the brains of those who refuse to look at the content of Islam and instead intone "all cultures are equal"? In fact, do we deal with such brainwrecked people? Or do we concentrate on people with un-wrecked - or anyway, relatively unwrecked - brains?

Something to think about.

By the way, how do you like the term, brainwrecked - rather than the milder term, politically correct? Does the term resonate for you?

Here's my viewpoint. I understand the value of using terms people know. I also understand the value of using a new term for something different.

Politically correct is the term for a mind set. Brain wreck is a term for something different: what's needed inside the brain for a person to be politically correct. Inside the politically correct: a brain wreck. ere's the thought of the week. It's time for Gratitude to Whites Week. Plus White Pride Week. Instead of the rampant reverse racism, hatred of whites, prejudice against whites - fostered by the mainstream media.

June 24, 2015

PS. 2 videos, and lots of comments below.

- 2 VIDEOS -

Elsa Schieder, PhD, a major Canadian thinker on education,
and on freedom of thought and speech

Danny Hozack, active in the political arena for 40 years,
Conservative and WildRose (small government with fiscal sanity)

Danny is the major organizer of the Essentials of Freedom Conference,
where Elsa has been the minor organizer, as well as a speaker


Brain Wreck. The wreckage inside the politically correct head.
Political correctness: logical fallacies, no critical thinking,
denial, name-calling of those who disagree.

copyright © Elsa Schieder, 2015 - all rights reserved


I absolutely love the brainwreck image - so descriptive. Allison, my wife, thinks it's a UV brain (doesn't let the sun shine through). Then again you could say the brain is wrecked from the head being buried in the sand for so long that it has been eaten by worms and all cogent thought has fled.

Back to your usual sign-off line, "And now, all the best to all of us who care and dare." From November 1967 until December 1980 as a young man I wore this badge on my beret. It represents the "flaming sword Excalibur" and its motto reads, "Who dares wins." We are going to win, Elsa. Do not despair. We are going to win. We dare. We dare to win. Nothing less is acceptable, and we plan accordingly.

N.R., Australia


The term politically correct is stronger than brain wrecked.
It is pointing directly at the Soviet official language, the newspeak.

T.G., Canada


Top o' the Morning to Elsa.
Great neologism of the year you came up with. I like it and look forward to using it asap.

The small but growing core of Israel supporters in Ireland, continue to brainwreck the Yankee-haters, Jew-haters and paid Muslim Brotherhood internet shills on 'www.thejournal.ie' with FACTS that brainwreck them every time.

Have a great day!

S.L., Ireland


I think you're onto something, wrecking the crazy structures inside the brain-wrecked. So you are in fact brain re-making, brain fixing. Good luck. And the thing that's so lethal? As you note: facts!!!

All the best,


PS. If you can think of a more poetic way of putting it - more "Irish lyrical" - let me know. Hmmm. How about derailing the brain-wrecked . . . by throwing truth in their path.

I would add: even if the brain-wrecked ride over the facts, those on the sidelines - with brains still at least somewhat functioning - may see what's happening and go: "Yikes, did you see that! That was attempted murder. They ran right over the facts. Time to haul them into court!"


Brain-wreaked, brain-damaged... yeah, interesting concepts, good words/tools. Reality-deniers.

I discussed about reality denial with a psychiatrist. Alas there is no easy cure for that because showing the truth or facts right in front of their noses simply doesn't work. They're really brain-damaged in this regard. They simply don't want to see whatever is shown to them until, eventually, some event unlocks them. Eventually.

If they don't want to see reality, my advice is: don't waste time with them.

Wars are never fought with 100% of a group but with a small active minority (historically usually around 10%). Focus on the active and useful people and those who may become so. The rest is a waste of energy. All that we do must have the goal to create/recruit/awaken and put into motion this 10% of useful fighting people.

S.L., France


You and I may consider the politically correct "brain wrecked", but those who are more PC do not. PC has a generally understood meaning. Go ahead and take poetic liberties with our language, but expect to have additional assessments evoked by your new terminology.

For me, new terms sort of get in the way. Others may be more creative inclined.

J.T., US


Many of us knew Obama was Statist before he was elected. One only has to look at those around him from his birth until he was elected to know of his philosophy. Dinesh D'Souza's movie 2016 explains this very well.

If you remember, about four days before the 2008 election, Obama said "we are four days away from fundamentally transforming America." A couple of things: you don't "transform" anything you like. You transform things you don’t like, and as one of my favorite thinkers said, "Words mean things".

N.G., US


I appreciate your efforts to open the American mind to real thought. The idea of brain wreck is described in chabad thought as a result of placing emotions primary and logic secondary. Incidentally the ethics of our fathers or pirkei avos speaks of mitzvos and good as a train which leads to other mitzvos/good as well as bad leading to more bad.

Keep up the good work.

I noticed that it appeared that the doors in the video do not have mezuzas. Perhaps they were out of view. If not why not let a mezuza add to your mitzva train.

All the best

D.C., US


The words 'Brain Wreck' coined by Elsa Schieder, 2015, is a powerful, eye catching, sound catching statement. Why? Well, when we think about it, if we are game to step outside the square, in other words step outside our comfort zone thinking, looking at new ways of thinking, we quickly see that fixed dogma belief systems are in fact a form of conditioned 'brain wrecking'.

Another way of describing 'brain wrecking' is to think of it as being a consequence of domino effect 'brainwashing', which is a societal evolution process gradually being accepted as a result of constant educational promotion; classic examples, are words like 'Politically Correct, Islamophobia, Apostasy, Blasphemy, Heresy, Sexist, Racist, Offensive etc.' These words are fired like bullets against our emotions to bully us and intimidate us into submission. Many persons succumb to this societal collective pressure, whilst others more courageous stand up in defiance and reject such bully words. Dangerous ideas, which are false knowledge beliefs, being accepted by society, like Nazism, Communism and Islam are brain wrecking ideas, delivered to us by a constant barrage of brainwashing societal pressure, which is fighting to force us into submission. If we surrender to such enemy propaganda, we do become slaves of such brain wrecking ideas and as a direct consequence, we lose our 'Freedom of Speech' & 'Freedom of Choice' and thus we lose our individuality and thus become 'Puppets of the State'.

We are told that we must be 'Politically Correct', an idea launched by Socialists in the 1920's Europe, we are being told that we must watch what we say and that we in effect do not have the right to 'Freedom of Speech' - now that societal demand is actually 'brain washing', which as a consequence is 'brain wrecking'.

I can take this even further and suggest as I do in my 'Blue Light Cosmic Philosophy' that which is simply called 'Cosmicism', a name I coined in 2007, that all fixed dogma belief systems are riddled with ideas that are brain washing, i.e. as Elsa coined 'brain wrecking' teachings, which in effect are false knowledge statements that are simply not true, even though a large percentage of people naively by faith accept these statements as being true. Atheism, Theism, Deism, Pantheism, New Age, are all riddled with false knowledge belief system ideas, which are in fact 'brain wrecking'. That does not mean that all ideas in different belief systems are wrong; a lot of wisdom also exists in many different belief systems. Rule one: Never throw out the baby with the bathwater - always keep wisdom and truthful facts. The trick is to have the courage and wisdom to separate false ideas from truth and to throw wrong ideas into the garbage bin. To save ourselves from brain wrecking this is what we must do. However, we must look before we leap, because it is imperative to our survival that our decisions are based on accurate information.

I know this seems like a strange statement, given that I am a very dedicated fighter against 'Anti-Freedom Apartheid Islam', but in a sense Islam's invasion of the West may for mankind down the track, be the best thing that ever happened. Why? Because for the first time in history a fight between supporters of 'Politically Correct' thinking and the opposition to 'Brain Wrecking', is forcing people around the globe to exchange ideas and beliefs and put all thoughts on the table in an agree to disagree debate. That fact, once we eliminate Islam, may become by evolution process of expanding knowledge one gigantic step forward for mankind, as open mind, thinking outside the square, becomes a societal way of life, which treasures love and peace as the core foundation thinking of society and thus the habit of war phases out into non-existence. This is not Utopia, it is simply for mankind a better way to exist in assimilation. Of course reality dictates, first, we must defeat all forms of 'Totalitarianism' starting with Islam and Communism, as long as they exist the 'Habit of War' shall continue.

Obviously, enemy Islam wants to squash all debate and force us to submit to their thinking, but they are not going to get away with it, are they? That's because we the thinkers, we the caring, from all 'Belief Systems' reject the brain wrecking dictatorship of Islam and politically correct socialists and communists. In other words, we demand the right to live free in 'Liberty' in 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Freedom of Choice'. We demand the right to choose our own 'Belief System' provided it does not deny any other person the same right to be different in choice. And we demand the right to criticise and reject an idea in the name of reasonable debate, void of threats and abuse, true to the values of democratic freedom founded upon the essential principles of secular governments.

Allan Ivarrson., Australia


I find your video is not well organised. You are jumping too many times, not taking the time to explain. For example, the country of immigrants is a good topic. Not original but good to explain (you did not). Focusing on brain wreck you miss the teaching. I think you could take a few topics (like country of immigrants) and develop the subject. By the way, immigration is a well researched topic and is currently very much used to demonstrate the problem is the instability carried by immigration.

L.W., France


I liked the video. It was good to put a face and voice to the name!

I call the 'brain wrecked' something similar, for me I've been calling these people 'ideological idiots', but yours is much less harsh sounding, so maybe it's okay if I use it in my daily routine?

R.T., Canada


Yes, please use the term. It's meant to be used. I'm glad you find it both effective and yet not harsh.


I like the new term for a new problem. And its derogatory tone captures the frustration I feel when I attempt to expose people to facts. It has definitely provided balance to the expression "politically correct".

But I am not sure where I could use the term, except when I am talking to someone like you.

I really like your video. It does capture your sincerity so well.

M.L., Australia


Good work, Elsa and Danny!

R.F., Canada


"Appeasement". I like the word. Yes, we 'appease' Muslims. We ought to be straightforward and not hide our Christianity.

Peter P.


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Brain Wreck. The wreckage inside the politically correct head.
Political correctness: logical fallacies, no critical thinking,
denial, name-calling of those who disagree.

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