Politically Correct Christians. Massive evidence of brain wreck. They intone, All Religions are Equal. They believe they're like Jesus. Not true. Here's proof.
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Politically correct Christians show massive evidence of brain wreck.
They intone, all religions are equal. They believe they're like Jesus.
Not true. Here's proof.

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Gratitude to Whites, White Pride, vs Politically Correct Reverse Racism


How can we spot politically correct (brain wrecked) Christians, and also Jews?

One sure sign: if we say anything negative about Islam, their hackles go up and they cut us off, instead of asking for whatever information we might have, checking into it, and then getting back to us.

Second, they say stuff like, all religions are equal, which disregards the very different content of the various religions.

Third, they often believe they're doing what Jesus wanted, being non-judgmental - ignoring that Jesus not only judged, but acted on his judgments. .

Fourth, they are all for nicety-nice ask-no-hard-questions interfaith.

Have they read the Quran? No, and they don't need to. Anger at the suggestion.

Can you imagine someone with a positive attitude to Christianity as a religion of peace and tolerance, claiming they don't need to take a look at what's in the Bible, to see if their attitude is in line with the content? My guess is that most Christians would be eager to show passages from the Bible.

Or can you imagine someone with a positive attitude to Nazism as an ideology of peace and tolerance, claiming they don't need to take a look at Mein Kampf to see if their attitude is in line with the content? (My guess is that, with Mein Kampf, one would have more difficulty finding appropriate passages.)

In the video, I speak only of politically correct Christians. However, in my experience, the views of politically correct Jews fit perfectly with those of politically correct Christians.

Brain wreck!

July 30, 2015

PS. Comments below.

Politically Correct Christians. Massive evidence of brain wreck.
They intone, All Religions are Equal. They believe they're like Jesus.
Not true. Here's proof.


As a Catholic priest (retired), I agree with Elsa. Instead of hiding our Christianity when speaking to Muslims, we ought to be proud and grateful for our religion. Our deference to Islam is misplaced.

Peter P.


Excellent video Elsa!

Kerry H.


That’s a really good video Elsa!



I think you are right about the signs of a politically correct Christian.

Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts on this. There are plenty in Australia unfortunately.

Br. Thomas, Australia


Hi, Elsa - great discussion here....for your contacts who are asking what to read, how to learn, how to know what's true, I would advise that they seek out books, sources, writing that's written by Muslims, for Muslims.

It is so important that they avoid most Western academics (the few exceptions include Frank Gaffney/CSP, Bill Gawthrop, Bill Warner, Raymond Ibrahim, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Andrew Bostom, Mark Durie).

Look for original, primary source documents written by the scholars & theoreticians of Islam (Ibn Kathir, Ibn Tamiyyah, Al Ghazali) - or of the Muslim Brotherhood: Hassan al-Banna, Sayed Qutb, Maulana Maududi, Abdullah Azzam, Ayman al-Zawahiri & Usama bin Laden, or the like.

When such scholars write - as Muslims & for a Muslim audience (not when they direct writings to Westerners), then you will get the truth - as Muslims are forbidden to lie to other Muslims.

See websites like the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) - https://amjaonline.org/en/ - who are the senior authoritative Muslim legal scholars in the US (Brotherhood, too) - look at their research & esp. their fatwas.

Be wary of Muslims who claim to be 'reformers' within Islam.... if they truly disagreed w/Islam, shariah, the Qur'an, life of Muhammad, or anything else... .they probably would not remain Muslim.

Have lots more resource suggestions for any who may be interested.

All the best,

Clare M. Lopez
Vice President for Research & Analysis
Center for Security Policy


Yeah, we have those people in our church too. Needless to say, they are really weak when it comes to their knowledge of the Bible, because they rarely read it. No Bible studying Christian I know is "politically correct".

I just know that "politically correct Christians" often lack concrete convictions because they are not grounded in the Word, because they don’t read the Word. It's these types that change doctrines they don't like, so they don’t have to change their lives. Sad and dangerous.

Keep up the good work,



A couple of things. Many Christians have been taught that Jesus was a milk toast pacifist, which he was not. His job was to be a sacrifice for all our sins and was obedient unto death. Christians have interpreted this behavior to be one of pacifism and misuse the misinterpreted verse in Exodus of "thou shalt not kill" to mean exactly that, when the original Hebrew word is not "kill", but intentional "murder". As you know, pacifists have long used this verse to excuse themselves from military service. The Bible doesn't teach this, but it has made many Christians not only pacifists, but wrongly speak out against criticism of ideas like Islam. They cling to the "live and let live" credo, which when applied to Islam is suicidal.

One of the most damaging thing some Christians believe is the "rapture", where they believe they will be removed before Armageddon occurs. This makes Christians think they don't have to study the scriptures because they're not going to be here, thereby staying spiritual babies. This doctrine started in the 1830s through one woman's dream and was picked up by two misguided pastors.

Sorry for the long explanation, but that's why Christians are pc. I heard a Jew say that most people who claim to be Jews are not really Bible believing Jews. They are pc types who see their behavior alone as their righteousness. Neither "Christians" nor "Jews" as described here are critical thinkers, or more importantly, behaving as the Bible instructs.

All you can do is ask them questions making them think. It may take time for the idea to sink in. That's what happened to me in becoming a Christian. After awhile, it became logical to me. We're in a marathon to educate, so we have to think long term.


reply from Elsa:

I agree with you on Jesus. He had the guts to immediately throw the money changers out of the temple. No wimp. He had judgment - he judged that the money changers had no right to be in the temple.

So I think someone (or some people from some ideology) have been deliberately muddling the thinking of so-called Christians.

Those long-ago Christians who chose to be eaten by lions rather than to renounce their faith - nothing wimpy in that!

reply from T.L.:

Yep. Wrong thinking people have been trying to change the message of the Gospel since it began.


Talk about a brain wreck:

CAIR Leader Nezar Hamze Is Now Deputy Sheriff, First Jewish Sheriff of Broward County picks representative of terror group to wear gun and badge.

J.G., Canada


The truth is that a lot of Christians and Jews (not all) refuse to unite as one people and stand strong against 'Islamization of the World'. They don't want to know reality and they don't want to deal with issues head on. As an ex-Christian I have a lot of experience with Christianity and I know too well the number of Christians that don't want to deal with Islam.

Most of our leaders, in politics, corporations and education are Christians & Jews. Some are Atheist and occasionally some have some other 'Belief Systems.' But the majority in the Western World are Christians & Jews.

We cannot fix a problem if we are not willing to recognise it exists. And we cannot stop Islamic expansion if we are not willing to recognise that we are not doing the right thing by keeping our head in the sand.

Allan Ivarrson, Australia


Regarding Jews, as I see it, of the 6 million Jews in America, about the only ones who are not uber-progressive/liberal are those from the former Soviet Union, and a few outspoken rabbis and activists. The situation reminds me very much of how the Jews were mostly silent when the Bund was marching in NY. That was at the time probably a result of Jews just being happy that we were not being lynched in America. We were very quiet for the most part, and since then this part of history has been rewritten and erased by Progressives, often by Jews. I was never informed of the American Nazi party till I was over 40. I suspect most Jews are still ignorant.

D,L., US


As you know, islam orders that all be viciously slaughtered who will not follow islam, or pay the tax. that is ALL people on the earth. but this is not ordered by the God of Abraham.

I know that you know this.

I am just pointing out how why it upsets me that after Sept 11th our welfare countries have opened the doors to these Islamic people and allowed them to flood our countries, while Christians and Jews are being slaughtered back in the countries where these people come from.

Even on one of the refugee boats a few months ago, when the muslims amongst the travellers found out that some were Christians they threw the Christians overboard...

I love your work, Elsa.




Hats off to you, this time you did hit the nail smack straight and full force on the head. Every civilization out there is only as strong, good, and prosperous… as is their ideology/philosophy/religion. (All the same just different name.) Ever since that psycho Luther invented his own "religion" version of Christianity we are in the slow decline, regardless that it took another roughly 300 years to make it visible. The velocity curve, or more like the ballistic curve, is the culprit; in the moment the explosion happened in the barrel, the same moment also marked the finality of the action while the projectile initially gained some considerable speed and altitude (to fool the casual, not paying attention observer), but inevitably and with finality it will crash to the terra firma. The "Age of Enlightenment", there is a "Brain Wrecked" term extraordinaire, by 1840s marked the point when we the Western Civilization entered the final decline because we became increasingly Brain Wrecked.

Thank you for that "mahveloes" terminus technicus.

Now to the Christians. Of course all Protestants if they like it or not are more or less Brain Wrecked. I know that might hurt some feelings. But 40000 denominations could not possibly claim to be the holders of the Truth since it is a basic scientific fact there could only be one Ultimate Truth, regardless if we like it or not. That is why Jesus did not tell Peter, I'll give you also another 40000 sets of Keys to start my Church. That is why Protestants do not understand that the Purgatory is actually very much the Biblical concept while their weird man made concept of Rapture is definitely not. That is why people who spend all their time to "study the Bible" do not even know how the Bible became to be. If they would know they would have to reject all those protestant pretend Bibles. Yet, seemingly intelligent people with "degrees" are holding on that twisted Rapture concept and make movies about it. Brain wreck!

The exactly same principle applies here as your very correct statement about the "equality" of all religions. The problem is that the Catholic Church, the part run by men (a big Biblically supported distinction), like our hapless "who am I to judge" unfortunate pope Francis, is almost totally "protestantized". There are a real reasons for this,…. but not in this particular rant of mine.

The simple truth is: our religion/philosophy of course is fully and inseparably reflected in our politics and economy. Yet the Brain Wrecked masses are still wandering why our political-economic picture is not improving in slightest after 8 years of trying, but it is progressively getting worse to the point that we crossed the line of no-return. Just like Greeks did.

That is why while everybody wants the solution, of course without a slightest bit of pain (a sure sign of being Brain Wrecked), we managed to elect communists into the majority government in our province of Alberta. And watch for the federal elections…… most likely it will be the same. The entire population seems to be BW. Why is that? The very simple answer is: because we rejected the founding philosophy of this Civilization. The philosophy which made us the most successful civilization in the existence of this Third Rock from the Sun. And yes since the majority of Catholics are totally Brain Wrecked now, ….. well of course I have my opinion on what just might happen, but that is again not for the scope of this article.

Thank you again Elsa for a great scientific term. You see I mistakenly called those carbon based living forms simply Brain dead. I was wrong on several levels:
· They are not BD because they unfortunately show at least some signs of life
· The well-developed Group-think, strong rule of the mob tendency
· The BD are well……dead, and as such totally harmless
· BW folks are not, and as such are cause of "All the troubles in the world" to borrow from P.J. O'Rourke. And all the troubles in the world are due to lukewarm, or BW Catholics who sold their "religion" for the bowl of porridge.

"All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics." Pope Pius IX

Deus Vult,

Milan Matusik, Canada

The purpose of the ideological subversion is:
"To change the perception of reality, of every American/Canadian, to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their countrymen."
Col. Yuri Bezmenov

reply from Elsa:

I really like your point that these people are not brain dead (and therefore harmless), but brain wrecked (and therefore dangerous).

We have, as I think you know, areas of agreement and areas of disagreement.

reply from Milan:

Of course we have agreements and of course disagreements, that does suggest the brain usage. There is not much to discuss about agreements, disagreements are more important. That is where we learn and hopefully become better for it. Yes, use my full name, I do stand behind my opinions. At least to the point I would learn I was wrong. I welcome people who try to refute my opinions. Simple quest for knowledge devoid of any ego. There are no “victors” in this game beside the Truth, after all our personal “victories” are very perishable items. :o)

reply from Elsa

Agreed: "There are no "victors" in this game beside the Truth. After all, our personal "victories" are very perishable items.


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Politically Correct Christians. Massive evidence of brain wreck.
They intone, All Religions are Equal. They believe they're like Jesus.
Not true. Here's proof.



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