Freedom Talks. Human Rights Movements GONE WRONG. The Brain Wrecked Politically Correct. Time for Gratitude to Whites. Controversial Hot Topics!
politically incorrect list of controversial topics

Freedom Talks.
Human Rights Movements GONE WRONG.
The Brain Wrecked Politically Correct.
Needed: Education, Not Indoctrination.
Time for Gratitude to Whites.
The Good Thinking Taboo.
Good Thinking on Controversial Hot Topics.


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human rights movements gone wrong


Human Rights Movements GONE WRONG.
Rage, Political Correctness, REVERSE INJUSTICE,
vs Justice, Fairness, Truth.


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French immersion problems


French Immersion: Problems.
Good Education vs Politically Correct Ideology.
The reality: problems for students, parents,
teachers and taxpayers.


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Brain Wreck - inside the politically correct brain - no critical thinking, no logic


Brain Wreck. The wreckage inside the politically correct head.
Political correctness: logical fallacies, no critical thinking,
denial, name-calling of those who disagree.


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Gratitude to Whites, White Pride, vs Politically Correct Reverse Racism


Time for Gratitude to Whites Week. Plus White Pride Week.
Very politically incorrect. Yes. Pro truth.
Vs reverse racism, politically correct bias, distortions, lies.


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Gratitude to Whites, White Pride, vs Politically Correct Reverse Racism


Politically correct Christians show massive evidence of brain wreck.
They intone, all religions are equal. They believe they're like Jesus.
Not true. Here's proof.


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I absolutely love the brainwreck image - so descriptive. Allison, my wife, thinks it's a UV brain (doesn't let the sun shine through). Then again you could say the brain is wrecked from the head being buried in the sand for so long that it has been eaten by worms and all cogent thought has fled.

Back to your usual sign-off line, "And now, all the best to all of us who care and dare." From November 1967 until December 1980 as a young man I wore this badge on my beret. It represents the "flaming sword Excalibur" and its motto reads, "Who dares wins." We are going to win, Elsa. Do not despair. We are going to win. We dare. We dare to win. Nothing less is acceptable, and we plan accordingly.

N.R., Australia


The term politically correct is stronger than brain wrecked.
It is pointing directly at the Soviet official language, the newspeak.

T.G., Canada


Top o' the Morning to Elsa.
Great neologism of the year you came up with. I like it and look forward to using it asap.

The small but growing core of Israel supporters in Ireland, continue to brainwreck the Yankee-haters, Jew-haters and paid Muslim Brotherhood internet shills on 'www.thejournal.ie' with FACTS that brainwreck them every time.

Have a great day!

S.L., Ireland


I think gratitude to whites week is a fantastic idea. Anti white racism is a big part of this fight and that is a great way to highlight it.

G.W., Australia


Elsa, count me in!

Blessings to you and yours....

J.L., US


Your piece today, "Gratitude ,etc." is a keeper in my files. Nicely done, and I expect that you will generate all the response you can handle.

D.L., Canada


I love your emails Elsa, and I especially like the idea of Gratitude to Whites Week.

Keep up the good work.



I love the video on gratitude to whites. I think it is the best video you have done. and there was nothing wrong with the others.

J.N., Australia


What a thoughtful succinct woman you are.

Thank you for your efforts.

Political Correctness is the most ingenious weapon against whites that I've ever seen. It's a kind of virus that infects the mind and people voluntarily become 'part of the collective' of what ends up harming themselves.

As a student of Feng Shui and Shamanism, I truly believe that the intent behind the words are more important then the words. Everything is energy and people feel the energy, if they are conscious enough, instead of reacting to words. I love my fellow human. I don't care what colour they are. There is good an bad in every group, whatever the definition of the group may be.

Bless you, Elsa, for your heroic efforts.



I love your work, Elsa.



Freedom Talks.
The Brain Wrecked Politically Correct.
Time for Gratitude to Whites.
The Good Thinking Taboo.
Here: Good Thinking on Controversial Hot Topics.


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