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Elsa's Emporium - good thinking, spoken word, comedy Good thinking talks about freedom, political correctness, plus Spoken word and music politically incorrect comedy clips

Welcome to Good Thinking, Spoken Word and Music,
Good Ethics, Good Loving. Freedom Music. Freedom Talks.
Love Poems and Songs. Comedy Clips.
Life. Ever Changing.


Elsa's Emporium

Good thinking, critical thinking
on political correctness, human flourishing,
freedom of thought, freedom of speech.

Spoken word and music: love poems and songs,
I love you songs, broken heart songs, romantic love songs.

Good thinking, critical thinking
on a reality-based universal ethics.

Spoken word and music:
freedom music, freedom songs, freedom poetry.

Comedy video clips on
the brain wrecked politically correct Nicies:
NO NO NO Islamophobia!!!

Spoken word and music: political music, political rap, rap poems.

Comedy video clips on the Nazi multicultural sisters
in search of equal funding as a persecuted minority.

Good thinking, critical thinking
on dangerous secrets, the best kept secrets -
blocked by the brain wrecked politically correct haters of the West,
inattentive to the need to protect Western human rights and freedoms,
closed to the facts about Islam, ignoring non-Western human rights violations.

Comedy video clips on the newscaster in search of a politically correct headline -
no black on white crime, no, no, no!!! - no Islamic terrorism, no no no!!!

Creative everything, from spoken word and music, love poems and songs.
Good thinking, critical thinking on everything from the benefits of good thinking,
to the dangers of politically correct brain wrecks.
Plus politically incorrect comedy.


I've always had the 2 sides - the creative and the curious.
Actually I've always had at least 3 sides -
because from the beginning, I wanted to be able to make things better,
to find solutions to pain and hurt, hunger and abuse.

The creative. As a child, most of all I loved stories.
I loved reading and imagining. I was always reading,
and always imagining I was part of the story.

But I also wanted to understand.
Why was there hunger in so many places?
Why was there war?
What was real? Were there really ghosts?
It was never easy for me to be sure of things like that.

Then, what was right and what was wrong?
I remember my shock when I read, age 7,
that god preferred the brother who killed animals for him
to the brother who burned plants.
I knew, through and through, that was wrong.

At times, the creative side would be at the forefront.
So about 20 years ago, I started hearing songs in my head -
the start of a flow of spoken word pieces, hundreds of them.

But for maybe a decade before that, the idea side had been at the fore.
The biggest question of all, for me:
could we ever manage to create a just, fair society,
considering what complicated creatures we were,
lots of good stuff but also lots of nasty tendencies to most of us?

If a just fair society might be attainable,
what would it take, on the social level, and on the psychological level?

My doctoral thesis ended up exploring fear of male violence
as a powerful glue that held male dominance in place.

I also did a lot of interviews into the impact
of rights movements on those who got involved.
What did it do to women, to get strongly involved in women's issues?
What did it do to blacks to get involved in black rights,
in gays and lesbians to get involved in gay and lesbian rights,
in someone with a serious physical disability
to get involved in the rights of those in their group?

Lots of very interesting and surprising (to me, anyway) discoveries -
especially the power of a potentially dangerous middle stage,
when people could get trapped in blanket anger at those outside their group.
This stage was most dangerous when coupled with
a potentially dangerous middle stage of those in the dominant group,
during which they might not stand up for themselves.

My interests blurred into each other.
My feminist interests led me to teach women's literature.
From there I moved more to diversity studies,
looking not just at valuing diversity,
but at evaluating diversities.
I wrote idea pieces, and so many spoken word pieces,
most of them on personal stuff.

Elsa's Emporium - a place for many of my projects to find a home.
Quite a few already have a home on a larger site.
A project on an exploration of home - what is home?
A kid's story, Caro's Quest. The start of Zee's Cafe Cafe.
Hundreds of poems, spoken word pieces, songs.
Idea pieces on good thinking, animal rights,
political correctness, the West and Islam, and more.

Plus blogs and more blogs, which also show
changes in focus from the personal to the political,
though both interests have always been in there.
Blog - 2005-2009, 2010-2011, 2012-2015

Plus interviews with counter jihad people:
personal journeys toward difficult truths.

It's when I started planning the interviews
that I thought of the name, truth sleuth, for myself.

And yet the creative side would come to the fore,
over and over.

And now, Elsa's Emporium.

This time, along with the separate pieces, as in the first site.
there will be a weekly update pulling things together,
plus there will be the chance for people to connect
both with me, and with each other.
Around creativity. Around freedom of thought and speech,
personal growth and development,
helping develop a world where people and animals
can flourish. Around effective actions.

An emporium - you can find lots and lots of different things in an emporium.
It's not some entirely polished finished thing.
New stuff comes in. More comes of some things than others.
Different seasons may bring more of this, than of that.
Enough for lots of people to come, discover, enjoy, savor,
come back for more, stay connected.

August 6, 2015


Welcome to Good Thinking, Spoken Word and Music,
Good Ethics, Good Loving. Freedom Music. Freedom Talks.
Love Poems and Songs. Comedy Clips.
Life. Ever Changing.


Words, Music, Emotion, Ideas.
Feelings, Thoughts.
All of Life.
Every Genre from
Romantic Waltz Music
to Political Rap,
from Country to Pop to Folk
and Blues and Pop.
The music doesn't stop.


Good Thinking, about Think of Sink,
about Critical Thinking Skills,
about Core Issues in Ethics,
about Universal Ethics vs Relativism,
about the Benefits of Thinking,
about the Politically Correct West
and Islamic Beliefs.


Life. Ever changing.
On Elsa's Emporium



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